John Carroll To Make Announcement Regarding His Candidacy for U.S. Senate


John Carroll is going to announce his run for the U.S. Senate tomorrow at 2:00 pm at the Republican Party Headquarters at 725 Kapiolani Blvd. #C-105

For those that may remember, Mr. Carroll previously had one of his campaign hauncho’s emailing me about my blog when he ran for governor a few years back.  They were insisting that I remove this post that I posted on my site… and as you can see, I didn’t remove it.

Needless to say… I’m not a big fan of Mr. Carroll after he pulled this stint on me during the 2010 elections.

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  1. Damon, the “campaign honcho” you mention caused a lot of confusion, misinformation and hostility. John, you and myself were all victims of his malfeasance. He is long gone and will not be involved in anything John does from this point on. Hopefully, we can start fresh and discuss the issues and be judged on the merits of those.


    Keith Rollman
    John Carroll Campaign

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