UH Study – Maggots Heal Diabetes Wounds

Ok… UH Scientist discover another strange finding… maggots help cure diabetes:

Maggot therapy succeeded in healing the wounds of diabetic patients where modern medicine could not. This study showed the possible application of maggots as a remedy for severe ulcers, said a Bloomberg report.

Maggots help diabetes wounds

A Thai nurse removes a bag of maggots from a patient's wound at a hospital in Bangkok.

¬†According to Lawrence Eron, Associate Professor at the University of the Hawaii’s John A. Burns School of Medicine in Honolulu and author of the report, medical-grade fly larvae placed on the sores of diabetic patients helped close the wounds of 21 of the 27 patients. He added that some of the wounds have been open for five years…

More here: Study: Maggots Heal Diabetes Wounds

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  1. They tried this on Barbara and it did not work and they had to anputate her leg.

    The Lack

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