Hawaii Final Stop for “Duty, Honor, America Tour” – Cycling 50 States in One Year

Duty of Honor America Tour

The Duty, Honor, America Tour – Cycling 50 States in One Year for America’s Veterans and Military is quickly approaching it’s final leg of the tour which will take place here in the State of Hawaii.

Duty of Honor America Tour

Two veterans, Doug Adams (Cyclist) and his wife Deb Lewis (CEO-Chief Everything Officer), with their little dog Daisy (Boss), embarked the 7th of October 2010 on a year-long cycling tour of the United States to educate and inspire Americans to pay attention to what REALLY helps our veterans, military & families. 

Duty of Honor America Tour

Along the way, they will collect and share stories about people, organizations and communities making a difference.  When engaging communities, Deb and Doug look forward to learning and sharing what each community identifies as effective ways to support local veterans, military & families.

The Hawaii portion of the tour will include these stops and then round out the end of the tour on the Big Island:

  •  23 Sep 2011 – Fly San Diego to Oahu Hawaii – 50th State
  •  24 Sep 2011 – Fort DeRussy to Kaneohe HI
  •  25 Sep 2011 – Kaneohe to Schofield Barracks HI
  •  26 Sep 2011 – Schofield Barracks to Camp Smith, Hawaii
  •  27 Sep 2011 – Camp Smith to Arizona Memorial to Pearl Harbor/Hickam AFB Hawaii
  •  28 Sep 2011 – Hickam AFB to AMR to Ft Shafter to Nat’l Memorial Cemetery to Ft DeRussy Hawaii
  •  29 Sep 2011 – No Cycle Oahu Hawaii
  •  30 Sep 2011 – Fly to Hilo and drive to Kona, Big Island of Hawaii
  •  1-2 Oct 2011 – Kona- Prep for Final Event
  •  3-5 Oct 2011 – Drive to Kea’au, Prepare for Final Event
  •  6 Oct 2011 – Final DHATour Event-Kea’au to Kea’au (1Day/221mi cycle around Big Island of HI)

Duty of Honor America Tour

You can check out their progress here and they welcome folks to ride along with them on their trip by visiting this section of their website.


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