Mantracker Returns to the Big Island – Seeking Prey (Contestants)

Bonterra Productions is heading to Hawaii, the Big Island, to produce two episodes of the hit television series, Mantracker, to take place this December. Currently airing on OLN & Discovery Science, Mantracker is a gritty adventure series that pits an expert tracker against two weekend warriors in a chase through a remote, rugged wilderness.


The premise is simple… The prey are armed with a map, a compass, a 1.5 mile head start and a predetermined destination known only to them. The excitement begins as the prey have 36 hours to make it nearly 25 miles without getting caught. Mantracker has no map, no compass and no knowledge of where the chase begins and ends. Equipped only with expert forensic tracking knowledge and a local guide, he will stop at nothing to catch his prey.

Do you think you have what it takes to challenge Mantracker? Well here’s your chance to prove it. We’re looking for Hawaiian residents who are passionate, exciting, competitive and compelling, who have the strength, smarts and strategy to outfox and evade him. We are casting prey in teams – two people who have a pre-existing relationship, i.e. husband & wife, childhood friends, co-workers, siblings, exes, inlaws, bitter rivals and everything in between. Visit for all the info you’ll need to apply.

You may recall Mantracker filmed in Kau during December 2009, resulting in two fantastic Hawaii  Island episodes.

The shows aired in 2010 during Season 5 and featured Hilo’s Shawn Pila and Chris Arruda, and Maui’s Tim Lara and Miah Redding.

Application deadline is Friday Oct 28th. For more information contact Michelle Budden, Production Coordinator, at [email protected].

Mantracker…It’s the ultimate cat and mouse chase through the wild. The prey are looking for glory… and Mantracker is looking for them. THE CHASE IS ON…

Mantracker airs on OLN Sundays at 9pm and Discovery Science Wednesdays at 10pm.

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