Redistricting Online Software Updated and Tweaked to Reflect Only Hawaii Island Population

The Online Software for creating a Redistricting Plan has been updated to reflect only the resident population of Hawai‘i Island.

Hawaii County districts

The results of the 2001 redistricting

The new template has extracted the non-resident military and non-resident student population.

If you wish to create a Redistricting Plan to submit to the Commission, the default template for Hawaii Council now uses the Extraction C population base.

If you have already created a plan and wish to re-save it with the updated population numbers, plans can be migrated using the steps provided on the attached document. (This document provides step by step instructions for migrating a previously created plan to a different population base)

Be sure to use “Hawaii_2010_C” for the source geography.

Alternate Plans must be submitted to the Commission by September 15, 2011.

 How to view a map:

1.         Go to the County Redistricting website:

2.         Click on “Maps” Folder

3.         Click on “Online Plans” Folder

4.         Choose “Plan”

5.         Save Plan (file) to desktop

6.         Login to

(Note: first-time users must create a user name and password)

7.         Choose Template Plan (Hawai‘i Council) Hit OK

8.         Click on “File” (top left)

9.         Click on “Open Local” Folder

10.       Select Plan (file) from your desktop

11.       Open Plan (file)

How to create a map: (note: Mac users – requires Safari to access software)

Login to

1.         Read ESRI tutorial materials to get familiar with the software.

2.         Using the ESRI software, create an account for yourself.

3.         After logging in, click the “Create” tab to begin work on your plan.  Save often.

4.         Once your plan is completed (and verified using the ESRI online tools in conjunction with the     published committee guidelines), save a local copy to your computer.

To save a local copy:

Click the “File” tab (next to the “Create” tab)

Locate and click the button labeled “Save Local.”

Make sure the navigator window is opened to your local Desktop.

Give your plan a name, then click “Save.”

To submit your Plan to Redistricting Commission to review:

Locate the file on your Desktop. (Close or minimize the ESRI software loaded in your browser). The file will have a plan extension (e.g. MyPlan.plan).

Open your email program and create a new email message to

Using the email program’s attachment feature, attach your .plan file to the email and send.

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