Retired Military Group “Mission: Readiness” to Highlight Hawaii Obesity Rates in Children

The group, “Mission: Readiness,” is expected to release a report Wednesday calling for Hawaii schools to provide healthier meals since four out of 10 young adults in the islands are either overweight or obese.

A group of retired military leaders concerned about young people nationwide being too fat to join the armed services is focusing on Hawaii’s obesity rates and want to see healthier meals served in schools.

Forty-two percent of young people in Hawaii ages 17 to 24 were overweight and a vast majority of them wouldn’t be allowed to join the military, according to a report expected to be released Wednesday by Mission: Readiness, a group of more than 200 retired generals, admirals and other senior military leaders.

The group drew attention last when it released a national report last year titled, “Too Fat to Fight,” claiming overweight children are a threat to national security. Similar state-specific reports have been released in Kentucky, where 51 percent of young people were overweight, and in Georgia, where that figure was 44 percent. The focus is now on Hawaii because of the large military population here, said Mike Kiernan, the group’s spokesman.

More Here: Report Highlights Hawaii Obesity

I clipped the following from their website:

Snapshot of the Mission Readiness website

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