Wordless Wednesday – Maka Meets Jackson

I heard one of my dogs barking profusely yesterday and I went out to see why he was trying to get underneath my car.  I figured a cat must have been trapped under there… but boy was I shocked when I saw that Maka had found himself a Jackson Chameleon and he was set on getting it!

Maka Meets Jackson

The chameleon ran out the other side of the car… but Maka quickly figured it out and stopped him in his tracks.

I got you!

The chameleon ran back underneath my car… so I figured instead of just sitting there and letting my dog bark his head off until he caught the damn thing… I figured I would tie up my dog and then let the buggah run off on his own.

Maka's Dinner?

Brah... you were almost Maka's Dinner!

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  1. Chameleons die of stress easily, hope she did OK. Green color is good, stressed ones usually turn dark. btw its a girl, the guys have horns.

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