One Week Later

One week later and my body is feeling much better.  I’ve almost completely healed except for my right shoulder is still in big time pain and my whole body feels like its been through a car wreck!

I’m not saying much at this point other then folks… just be really careful when filming or taking pictures of officers arresting folks here in Puna.

Notice the last sentence? (click two times to enlarge)

My wife just took the following pictures of me about 9 hours from what would be about a week away from when the take down happened.

4 Responses

  1. Knowing your skin, and how you scar, I’m afraid you will have some permanent “reminders” of this event.

    Love, Mom

  2. You know, one thing I’m wondering is whether you should _not_ post any further stuff for fear of tainting the jury pool. Big Island, Small World and all that.

  3. Actually I plan on stopping and taking pictures of all arrests I see from here on. Everybody else should too. I have a lawyer on tap and I could use a little extra dough.

    We know we live in a police state run for the benefit of fascists but I for one don’t plan on rolling over for Billy and his thug boys.
    Bob Jacobson

  4. Speaking as the president of the Big Island Press Club (and not on behalf of the board or in the capacity of my current day job), I have these thoughts:

    The public has a right to know what happened the night Damon Tucker got injured, and the statement from Assistant Chief Tavares is terribly inadequate and lacking in details. I want to know exactly how Damon was “interfering with a police officer while he was trying to do his job” and what constitutes a “safe distance” for photographing police activity. These matters need to be addressed immediately and the Hawaii Police Department should not hide behind the excuse of an indefinite “active investigation” to avoid commenting on this incident.

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