Pahoa High and Intermediate Student Body Government Using Facebook as a Tool to Spread the Word

Last week I was scanning through my facebook wall when something that I hadn’t seen before popped up from a friends wall and that was the Pahoa High and Intermediate School Student Body Government page.

I spent about a decade working for the Department of Education and this is the first time I have ever seen a local school using a social media tool such as facebook to spread the word about what is going on.

I sent the following message to the administrator of the site:

I’m curious who runs this site. I really like the idea of it and would like to interview someone about it. Feel free to email me at damontucker @ (no spaces)

A little after I sent that I got an email inviting me to come meet the administrator of the site as well as the Student Activities Coordinator for the student government body today at 1:30.

Pahoa Student Body Government Executive Council Treasure Ruby Tidwell and Jewel Castro the Student Activities Coordinator

So today I got to meet Pahoa Student Body Government Executive Council Treasure Ruby Tidwell, who is one of the administrators of the Facebook site as well as Jewel Castro the Student Activities Coordinator and I sat down and talked with them about their Facebook site.

One of the first thing that Ruby explained to me was that the page was not an “official” Pahoa Page and it had been set up for about a year now and they have a disclaimer on the site which reads:

This is an unofficial page, and as such, the views and opinions expressed on this page do not necessarily reflect those of Student Body Government, or of our school.

Ruby stated that there were about 200 members on the group page and the majority of the population of the school was on Facebook in general.

When I asked Ms. Castro about if she had any reservations about setting up a facebook site for the Student Government she said she “was a bit hesitant at first but the students felt that it was a good way to get the word out because so many of the students spent hours on the site.”

Pahoa High and Intermediate Student Body Government

Ruby stated that the idea was her idea last year and that they got permission from the principle to do the site before they started it.  She said while it was her idea… she does plan on passing the site on to someone else after she graduates and they are currently teaching students to take over the reigns so to speak.

Ruby said that she is not the only admin of the site and there were other admins that helped with the site.

Some of the other administrators of the Pahoa Student Government Facebook page

When I asked if they had any problems on the site like cyber-bullying or anything like that they said they haven’t had any real problems and the only real thing they have had to deal with is the occasional advertising on the site… which can quickly be removed.

Ruby wanted to emphasize that while it’s associated with Pahoa High and Intermediate that it is not just relegated to students and that they post a lot of community related things on the site as well!

Ruby asks folks to check out the site at Pahoa High and Intermediate Student Body Government.  It is an open site and open to the public so check it out.

Kicking it on Facebook!

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