I Have a New “Temporary” Phone

I got a cheap temporary phone to hold me over while I deal with this crap that’s been going on.  I went to the ATT store and they were able to transfer my old number to my new phone.  It’s not an iPhone or anything fancy… but it will do the trick and hold me over.

Body is still sore.

5 Responses

  1. aloha Damon
    I think you could likely get a video of the whole incident if you subpoena the video from the cameras the County paid to install to protect the citizens of Pahoa. The cameras should be used for that purpose, even if the citizens need protection from the County.

    I hope you are continuing to mend.
    Bob J

  2. What is status of your Complaint against these police? File lawsuit yet? Please keep me informed for publication in Molokai Advertiser News http://www.MolokaiAdvertiserNews.com weekly

    Did you receive my long comment on Fri or Sat?

    What is your phone number?

    Call me 808-558-8253

  3. OMG! What is the matter with the police here?

  4. Cood to hear you can communicate and do your work now.

    Love, Mom

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