A Police Officer Brutalized Me and Arrested Me for Taking Pictures (Pictures of My Body)

I mentioned early this morning that I was arrested and basically brutalized by a police officer last night in front of the Pahoa Village Club.

At the time I wrote that… I just wanted to make it public and was too tired to post some of the pictures and the actual ticket that I received or I guess it’s more of a summons to court:

Here are some of the pictures that my wife took shortly after they released me from jail… NEEDLESS TO SAY the Bruising, swelling and PAIN is even worst NOW then it was after the initial incident!

Right Shoulder and lower back busted up pretty good as well as my elbow felt like it was broken!

Right hand stepped on and smashed!

Left leg got a nice contusion

My right leg got a few scrapes as well

I’m having difficulty breathing today because I have deep contusions on my ribs explained doctor, Jerry Gray, at the Hilo Medical Center.  At least they aren’t broken and the x-rays were able to verify that.

I’ve been limping ever since the incident took place because of the bruise on my ankle!

I can’t lift my right arm above my head w/out feeling like it’s ripping every shoulder muscle I have!

While my  body will hopefully recover… I’m pretty pissed that the officer STOLE MY CAMERA!  At the time I was taking pictures of them… I was using my CELL PHONE and not my CAMERA?  Why would they take my Cell Phone and CAMERA in for evidence…. when once I left Pahoa Village Club… I put that to the side and was using my cell phone!  But NO!!! The cops have to take my cell phone and my camera away from me.

Do the police know that I need that phone for my FEDERAL JOB?

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  1. Me and my husband is a victim of police brutaluty. Please check out my website and comment on ut. Thank you. My site is michellencory808.com. please pass it on

  2. Damon please call me, Am Adam my phone 854-3532 Im victim of police brutality in Hilo, My incident worse then Yours! thank you!!

  3. Hey Damon, do you have a cite for the law on filming cops in Hawaii in public?

  4. If you are a drug dealer, expect to be beatne…the law is NOT on your side if you are already engaged in illegal activity!!!

  5. I have seen BOTH police corruption AND criminals LYING to police…

    …the freedoms that are being stripped fromLAW ABIDING, US CITIZENS with NO CRIMNAL RECORD are escalating, as are police coverups and kickbacks from criminals…

    Frankly, I don’t trust EITHER!

    The RAMPANT policecoverups and selctive enforcment are detrimental to their own PD reputaton in HI County…the FELONY COVER UPS of drugdealers who are NOT being investigated for illegal dealing is also disgusting, as are the NUMEROUS fbi reports that the federal gov/doj are BLATANTLY REFUSING TO INVESTIGATE POLCE CORRUPTION is just as bad!!!…

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