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Former Public Relations Officer for Hawaii SuperFerry and Aloha Airlines Attempts Suicide

Wow… I’m not sure if any of the local news outlets have picked up on this yet, but the former Public Relations Officer for the Hawaii SuperFerry and Aloha Airlines, Averie Kenery, attempted to commit suicide a few weeks ago.

Averie Kenery

A New York police detective managed to rescue a 32-year-old Filipino-American flight attendant and Honolulu Rotary Club leader from taking her own life in Queens, New York.

Averie Kenery, employed by Delta Air Lines, called her mother and husband to apologize and say goodbye just before 5 p.m. July 17, according to a report on the Filipino Reporter.

She also asked them to tell her two children how much she loved them before losing consciousness, the report said…

…She previously worked as finance and human resource manager at Pipeline Micro Inc., public relations officer at Hawaii Super Ferry and Aloha Air Lines, and training coordinator at Southeast Airlines.”

Full article here: Fil-Am in New York Rescued from Suicide Attempt

The officer that saved her, Detective Charles LoPresti, was recently honored.

Detective Charles LoPresti

Detective Charles LoPresti

…LoPresti and a team of three detectives were able to save a distraught, 32-year-old flight attendant who attempted suicide while staying in a flight crew crash pad in Jamaica. The detective, who has spent 20 combined years with the stationhouse, said he and his partners were lucky to save Averie Kenery because her family called the NYPD from their home in Honolulu, Hawaii, and did not know her exact location…

Full story here: 103rd Cop Saves Flight Attendant After Hawaii Call

4 Responses

  1. News outlets generally don’t report on suicides out of respect for the victim’s and his/her family’s privacy. There are exceptions, like if the person is famous or goes out in a big way (jumps off an overpass into traffic).

    An attempted suicide would be even less likely to be reported for the above reason, and because it’s really not newsworthy.

  2. See if you can get it, Damon.

  3. BTW, who bought the Superferries? How much?

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