HSTA (Retired) Big Island President Confronts Governor Abercrombie at Today’s Big Island Visit

I mentioned the other day that Hawaii State Teachers Association-Retired (Big Island) President, Wayne Joseph was rallying the troops to have a demonstration against Governor Neil Abercomberie when he visited Hilo today.

Jacylynn Joseph, Neil Abercrombie and Wayne Joseph during happier days.

The following was posted on youtube today of the conversation held between the two of them today when Mr. Joseph had a chance to confront Governor Abercrombie.

On Facebook Wayne’s daughter Jacylynn,wrote:

My dad confronting the lying, underhanded Hawai’i Governor. If you know the issues (if you or a loved one is a teacher) then you’ll catch him in several lies. He also spends the entire 11 mins. blaming the union reps…

…At around 3:15 they ask me to TURN OFF THE CAMERA…you can hear my NO, as I continue filming. :P


HSTA-R Big Island President, Wayne Joseph, confronts governor Neil Abercrombie on retirement issues. Medicare Plan B reimbursement discussed, Governor criticizes HSTA negotiating team for backing out of deal in response to Joseph’s anti-collective bargaining remark. Governor comments about his no furlough days for teachers, which is a farse, as they have simply been renamed Directed Leave Without Pay days.

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  1. Last I read teachers were getting what amounts to 30 days of paid time off a year. They should seriously stop complaining. Im going to become a science teacher next year because the benefits are way better than what I’m getting now. No one should kid themselves that Medicare is going to even be around when they retire anyway.

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