Local Girl Kristina Anapau Clears Rumor About Michelle Rodriguez in “Sighting”

Last May at the Big Island Film Festival I had the opportunity to meet and interview local girl turned Hollywood movie star Kristina Anapau.

Kristina and I at last years Big Island Film Festival

Well she has been keeping busy this year since filming The Swan with Natalie Portman.

According to IMDB she has had roles in the following films of late and they are are currently in post production:

  • 5 Souls where she plays the role of Jessica
  • Cornered  where she plays the roll of Jade
  • The Speak where plays the roll of Paige Stone

I asked Kristina about a rumor that was going around that she was filming a movie with Michelle Rodriguez called “Sighting“:

It’s a horror hottie double news explosion here in the Horror Asylum’s pants right now. Michelle Rodriguez (‘Machete’, ‘Resident Evil’) and Kristina Anapau (‘Black Swan’, ‘Cursed’) are the latest hot-pots on Ted Sarafian’s new spooky feature ‘Sighting’…

Kristina stated that the rumor is incorrect and that while Kristina is in the movie… Michelle is not.

Kristina Anapau at the Fairmont Orchid at Mauna Lani

Kristina Anapau at the Fairmont Orchid at Mauna Lani

Here is what IMDB says about “Sighting“:

King’s Ransom Winery is one of the most haunted places in America, with a long history of bazaar suicides. Six ghost hunters have been given the rare opportunity to conduct a paranormal investigation. What they discover terrifies them.

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  1. Nice follow up! Good to see some old fashioned shoe leather kine reporting. The kind you have to work for a little bit.

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