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From Parade Magazine to the Streets of Unemployment – A Sign of the Times

A sign of the times?

When the Star-Bulletin and the Honolulu Advertiser merged to become the Honolulu Star-Advertiser many jobs were lost.

Now it appears one of the top brass at the former Star-Bulletin has literally hit the streets in an attempt to find employment.

Nancy Christenson was laid off after working 12 years for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and was even featured in Parade Magazine in an article entitled “What Do People Make” back in 2002 where it was reported that she was making $56,000 per year as a copy editor for a local paper.

She has changed her name since then

Two days before the papers merged after working as 9 years as the assistant editorial editor and then a while as the director of online content, Nancy was laid off.

Today on Facebook she posted the following picture:

I asked Nancy more about this and she stated that she was standing at the bottom of Waialae exit (off H-1) by Kahala, just about a half block Ewa of the Kahala Mall and received lots of positive feedback and aloha from motorists.

I’ve met Nancy personally I would recommend her for anything she may be applying for.  If your interested in hiring Nancy… she can be reached at PleaseHireNancy@gmail.com.

2 Responses

  1. Way to go Nancy!

    From our short time together during your sister Sue’s b -day 60th
    celebrations ,I became fond of an out of the box INTELLIGENT,creative young woman with a dry quick wit.
    I wish you success. I know a gem like you can not go

    Shary Iriwn

  2. Mahalo, Damon, for sharing my little story. I’ll be out there again today in a different location. In case anyone is wondering, I’m not looking for a journalism job (although I’d love to have one) — I have done and can do many other things, so I hope to at least make some contacts. I just want to work.

    One clarification: I wasn’t “top brass”! I was just an assistant editor, then assistant online director. But thank you for the promotion. :-)

    Thanks also to Kate Burlingame (daughter of esteemed Star-Bulletin journalists Burl and Mary Burlingame) for making the sign. One thing I’m not good at is free-hand lettering!

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