Sunday Dilemma – Do They Save the Nesting Birds?

I called this the Sunday Dilemma simply because I posting this on Sunday.

A painting company has been contracted to give Pahoa Elementary School a painting facelift and has been in the process of re-painting the building.

Scaffolding on the backside of Pahoa Elementary

Now if you look closely at the top left of the above picture… you will see a birds nest.

A nice safe place to raise a family?

This isn’t just a nest… it has little baby birds nesting in it and the momma and poppa bird have been bringing the chicks worms for the last few days.  They are still to young to fly… and if the nest it moved to the ground somewhere… I’m sure the feral cats around here will just have a field day.

I’m curious as to what decision is made in the next few days by this painting company?


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  1. Just kill them like the feral sheep. They don’t belong here anyway!

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