Four Buyers Interested in Former Hawaii Superferries

The Second Superferry, HuaKai, that never made it to Hawaii, Image via Wikipedia

Well it looks like at least four folks were interested in the Hawaii Superferries that were recently auctioned off:

The U.S. Maritime Administration said it received four bids for the two high-speed ferries built by the defunct Hawaii Superferry company.
 However, MarAd said it would not reveal the name of the bidders or the amounts they offered for the Alakai and Huakai…

More Here: 4 Bids Received for Hawaii Superferries

Honolulu Star-Advertiser… You Are NO Wall Street Journal

Just over a year after the Star-Bulletin and the Honolulu Advertiser merged to become the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, today they announced that they are going to be charging for its online content almost as if it were a printed newspaper being delivered to your door.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser will begin charging for premium online content Aug. 3, joining an industry trend that has accelerated since the beginning of the year.

Subscribers to the print edition will receive all-access passes to premium online content at no extra charge. That will allow access to all website content and includes a new e-edition, a digital replica of the print edition. Star-Advertiser content can be delivered to a subscriber’s computer, iPad, iPhone or smartphone…

My guess is those folks that do actually subscribe to the paper… have been reading it online for quite some time now anyways.  But for those who do subscribe to the paper… may do so because they don’t want to read their newspaper on a computer screen.

This next statement is hilarious:

…Readers who want to forgo the print edition or live outside of the newspaper’s delivery area will be offered special rates to digital-only premium content on a daily, monthly or annual basis...

There are so many ways to get around this… how would the Star-Advertiser determine if folks started signing up through proxy servers in Timbuktu?

“We understand that news outside of what our local reporters generate can be had elsewhere and for free, but there are literally thousands of such stories each day,” he said. “Our professional journalists work through these each day to produce a lively, informative and entertaining newspaper each and every day of the year…”

Well I will say that at least those of us who give news out for free… do so because we enjoy doing it… not to make a profit at times… or suck up to the corporate world or sponsors at times.  I guess its time for local bloggers to step it up even more now.

…Nonsubscribers still will have free digital access to several areas, including breaking news, Associated Press stories, the website’s front page and section fronts, event calendars, Ho­nolulu Pulse, TGIF, photo galleries, blogs, classifieds, travel, obituaries and traffic, Francis said….

Pfft! well this is all we really want anyways!

…”Frankly, the newspaper industry should have adopted this approach 10 years ago, but the thinking was always on page views and unique site visits,” he said. “We all thought that, like in the print model, the more circulation you had or, in this case, page views, the more desirable for advertisers. What played out though is that people utilize advertising on the Internet much differently and the ad dollars never really materialized in any significant way.”…

I’ve been telling this to folks for years!

…Brady has been skeptical about charging for online content because it can reduce page views and make content less discoverable. However, he pointed to the Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports and the Financial Times as examples of publications that have been successful at charging for online access…

All I can say is that the Star-Advertiser is NO where close to what the Wall Street Journal is.

You can read the entire article here: Star-Advetiser to Charge for Premium Online Content

This is almost as sad as the day that Oahu became a one paper island!

Mango Festival Next Saturday

Media Release:

Find mango activities, keiki games, ono grinds, arts and crafts, farmers market and continuous entertainment at the third annual Mango Festival 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, July 30 at the Keauhou Beach Resort. The free festival celebrates Hawaii’s delicious and diverse mango varieties during the peak of the harvest season on the scenic, palm-fringed grounds of the resort’s Royal Garden.

Mango-themed activities start 11 a.m. when University of Hawaii Extension Agent Ty McDonald demonstrates mango grafting. Bring in your different varieties of mangos for identification by Ken Love, president of the statewide Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers. Love discusses the importance on using local fruit at noon during “Why Hawaiian Mangos?” At 2 p.m., popular pastry chef Hector Wong of Oahu shows how to pair mangos with Keauhou’s Original Hawaiian Chocolate. Samples are on the house!

Other ag presentations are “Bee Happy” by Alisa Yahna at 1 p.m., “Tier Gardening and DYI Compost” by Patrick McDonald at 3 p.m. and “Incense: a SEEDs program for Teenagers” by Stephanie Bolton at 3:30 p.m.

Entertainment opens the festival at 10 a.m. with a traditional blessing and hula by Kumu Keala Ching and Na Wai Iwi Ola Hula Halau. A variety of music and dance continues with Pule Kahikina Nahe Nahe at 10:30 a.m., Maka & Friends at 11:15 a.m., Hands of Fatima belly dancing at noon and the Stuheart Band at 12:30 p.m.

Stepping off at 2 p.m. is the Divine Goods Fashion Parade with Nouveau Gypsy Belly Dance Troupe featuring Sahra Indio. Bolo takes the stage at 3 p.m., followed by the Anela Harp Ensemble at 4 and Divine Dance. A closing ceremony wraps up the festival at 4:45 p.m.

The Mango Festival is a zero waste event and presented by the non-profit Sanctuary of Mana Ke‘a Gardens with support from the Keauhou Beach Resort. For info, phone 808-334-3340.

Sunday Dilemma – Do They Save the Nesting Birds?

I called this the Sunday Dilemma simply because I posting this on Sunday.

A painting company has been contracted to give Pahoa Elementary School a painting facelift and has been in the process of re-painting the building.

Scaffolding on the backside of Pahoa Elementary

Now if you look closely at the top left of the above picture… you will see a birds nest.

A nice safe place to raise a family?

This isn’t just a nest… it has little baby birds nesting in it and the momma and poppa bird have been bringing the chicks worms for the last few days.  They are still to young to fly… and if the nest it moved to the ground somewhere… I’m sure the feral cats around here will just have a field day.

I’m curious as to what decision is made in the next few days by this painting company?