Who’s Taking Craps in Hawaii County Pools?

Recently the YWCA in Hilo, Hawaii, where my senior citizen mom takes her swim classes at, has been shut down on a few occasions.  The most recent shut down was due to fecal matters being in the pool.

Here is a copy of letter being circulated right now regarding the incident:

Aloha YWCA Members and Aquatic Participants,

Unfortunately our pool was closed (this week) due to a fecal accident. As you all know the pool has had several closures since it opened in June due to fecal related accidents. The consistency of these incidents has forced us to take further action. We are now enforcing the rule that ALL participants must use the bathroom and shower before entering the pool. As a friendly reminder, all participants who are not toilet trained and are under the age of 4 must wear a swim diaper. Please help your community pool stay pee and poop free! We are exploring all options in controlling this matter. We humbly ask for your understanding and cooperation. If there are any questions, comments or concerns please email aquatics@ywcahawaiiisland.org.

YWCA of Hawaii Island
145 Ululani St.
Hilo, HI, US

Well today my son had swim lessons at the Pahoa pool and right as his lessons were about to begin around 2:00 this afternoon, I heard the lifeguard yelling… “EVERYONE OUT OF THE POOL!” so everyone started climbing out of the pool.


I asked the lifeguard what the problem was and he stated that “fecal matter” was found in the pool!

The lifeguards then spent time scooping the matter out of the pool and needless to say my son’s swim lesson was cancelled for the day, however, the kids did watch water safety videos for the time that they would have been in the pool.

By the time I left the Pahoa Aquatic Center at about 2:45 folks were still not allowed to swim in the pool… and quite frankly… I don’t know why anyone would want to so close to the time it was cleaned!

4 Responses

  1. PLEASE, ban the idiots for at LEAST one year, or until they are trained! How totally selfish and juvenile to NOT BE RESPONSIBLE PARENTS! The parents should be REQUIRED to pay for ALL CLEANING COSTS and any time, if cleaners are paid by our tax dollars…START TEACHING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!

  2. I don’t know what everyone is so upset about…

    It was just a Baby Ruth bar.

  3. At the Y, there are preschooler swim groups that use the pool in the mornings. When I went to aerobics yesterday, it seemed that only one child was using the swim diapers… but then there may have been some diapers I didn’t notice under swimsuits.

    When there is an accident, massive amounts of chemicals are used to “shock” the pool and kill the bad stuff. No one is to go in until the chemicals have dissipated. Earlier this year I was one of the people who noticed a “brown round thing” in the shallow end. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it until the class was ending and we were getting out of the pool. Ewwwwu!

  4. No log rolling lessons here! >:(

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