Why Can’t the County of Hawaii Have Roadside Pick Up of Garbage?

The Big Island does not have curbside pick up of garbage and we have been having a major problem with illegal dumping going on.

As the Big Island grows, I would think we would start thinking more about having the county provide garbage pick up in at least some parts of the county.  A truck could drive by an area once a week and pick up bags by residences that don’t have the means to take their opala to the transfer stations.

Kauai has it (http://www.kauai.gov/Government/Departments/PublicWorks/SolidWaste/RefuseCollection/AutomatedRefuseCollection/tabid/359/Default.aspx)

Kauai County Website

Maui has it (http://www.co.maui.hi.us/index.aspx?NID=763)

Maui County website

And of course Oahu has it (http://www.opala.org/solid_waste/curbside.htm)

Oahu County website

So my question… why can’t the Big Island have it provided by the County?

5 Responses

  1. Well, closing xfer stations can hardly balance the cost of curbside trash. But even if there was curbside I think you’d have significant dumping of large items (couches, appliances). I think you need to make it unacceptable socially, so people are ashamed to do it.

    • Were trying to figure out a way to make it unacceptable through the Facebook page Opala in Paradise. Feel free to contribute there Larry. We need a Kona side voice over there.

  2. The money would come from us… they would add the cost to your water/sewer bill. In Louisiana they charge ambulance & critical services as well as trash p/u to your sewer. If they didn’t get the money there I am sure they would find someplace to include it. Let’s see property taxes, vehicle taxes, water/elec/gas plenty of places to add it.

  3. And how much would this cost?

    I know there are private companies already doing home and business trash pickup, but for the govt to do this……. millions and millions of dollars. Where would the money come from?

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