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Cleaning Up the Rubbish Dump Road – Opala in Paradise

Yesterday I wrote about the illegal dumping along the Pahoa Transfer Station road, today with help from a few folks from the group Opala in Paradise we were able to make a huge difference in the area.

Kevin Dayton and I haul off one of the couches that we disposed of PROPERLY today

Starsha Young recorded the following:

We Picked up 2-couches, one dishwasher, 11 bags of rubbish, one paperhanging, one unit for water cooling, old parts of a bathroom facet, recyclable copper, oh and one tiny kitten, Kevin found in the bushes, Shelly found a new home for him right away. It took about 2-hours with travel time and 3 truck loads …that is $126.00 “If we got paid” But we didn’t, and we did a good deed, thanks guys…

Starsha missed a couple things on her list such as a mattress and these stereo speakers:

It didn’t take that long and its nice to see folks make comments like this on facebook shortly after we did it:

Just came from the recycle center (no more truck only car:( ) Road looks great! Mahalo nui loa all you guys!

I’d like to thank Kevin Dayton, Starsha Young and Shelly Stapleton for taking time out of their weekend to help clean up the area.

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