Tom Lackey Getting the Police Called on Him for His Online Blog

Longtime Puna resident Tom Lackey has recently had a run in with the law due to some cartoons he posted on his own website and recently posted the following on PunaOnline:

KathyH is the pseudonym used by a woman named Kathy H*******… do I know this to be true? Well I’ll tell you how but first let me lay some ground work.

I got a phone call yesterday from a police officer who I will leave nameless at this time. He asked me if I had time for an interview over a harassment complaint made by Kathy H****** aka KathyH. After I stopped laughing I said sure where are you I’ll be right over. Off to the Pahoa police department I go to have a small chat with officer S……. and at the end of our conversation we both were laughing so hard it brought a tear to his eye. Then officer S…… said do you want to hear the really funny part of this? I’m on overtime to investigate this crap and now I have to go to your web site and spend the next two or three hours looking at your cartoons.

So a tip of the hat to Kathy H******** aka KathyH for making a bad day turn into a fun day. To bad that the taxpayers have to pay for this bimbo’s ego trip. I was going to wipe my ass of this POS but now I believe that I will continue it’s just too much fun to let go. I must say that it was a lot more fun not knowing what this POS’s real name was but after all she made the complaint and tried to sign it as KathyH but the police made her use her real name and not her pseudonym.

Oh….. by the way Kathy H******* also named Punaonline as another web site that is harassing her so I only find it appropriate that the members here be warned because KathyH is a woman scorned and has a case of permanent PMS and all of you bastards are going to pay for it.

So this is how I came to find out who Kathy H****** aka KathyH really is.

The Lack

I’m not going to get into all the details of how things have unraveled to the point where POLICE HAVE BEEN CALLED IN OVER A CARTOON and an anonymous figure that was posted on some message board.

However, I will totally support any blogger that wants to post content to their own site as a matter of principle of freedom of speech no matter what their viewpoints are.

Tom has long been known as a political sketch artist and comic drawer in a sense and he should be allowed to do what he wants on his blog without some crazy lady running to the police about what he posted!

With that… I’m posting his latest toon on the incident here just to support his online effort for free speech no matter how I feel about the toon.

Click Cartoon for "Lack's" take on the scenario

5 Responses

  1. PS, Drew:

    Please note (not that it means anything to you, if you were to actually be *conscious* or *aware*) that I did not call you:

    perv [sic]
    old fool

    All things you called Tom.

    You imply Tom Lackey is *not* a “class act.”

    Pot, meet Kettle.

    Your a work of art, Drew. Not.

  2. I’m not defending anyone Drew.

    I can’t control what other folks post on their site, nor would do I chose to suppress someone’s first amendment rights.

    Pornography toon as lack has chosen to take his blog… are protected by the constitution.

    When you tell another person what or what not they can do on their own website… you are pushing a slippery slope that I won’t cross.

    Freedom of speech is a very important right… Trying to impose on those that are expressing it… is a bigger wrong then you may think.

  3. Damon,

    Thanks for posting this people should know how some like KathyH has used the police to her advantage. Not what I feel the police are there for.

    The Lack

    • Why are you trying to defend this idiot? I have a lot of respect for what you do Damon, but you are seriously “lacking” some judgement for alining yourself with this disgusting old drunken perv. Yeah Lack is a real class act…not. Really enjoying seeing this old fool crash and burn his way down into a pitiful, sad state of isolation.

      • Drew:

        You sound really enlightened and filled with Aloha.


        Good luck with that.

        What gated community (or segregated neighborhood) do you hail from? Crawl back under your rock (or go back the oppressive country you came from) and enjoy the fruits of intolerance, bigotry, and hate—silence and relief from all forms of dissent or opinions you don’t agree with.

        That’s right, find a country to settle down in where you can stifle the voice of anybody you don’t like or censor anyone whose message you hate. You’ll be safe there [winking].

        You’re the pitiful one.

        No, really.

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