Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estate – Hawaii Campus 2011 Summer School Open House – Hayden Shines!

Today was Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estate Hawaii Campus 2011 summer school open house.

My son showed me some of the stuff that he was learning in the classroom before the day actually began.

Once all the kids arrived, it was time to head out to meet the other 2nd grade classes for the morning “oli” or Hawaiian for prayer.

My son told me he had a surprise for me… and it turned out that he was selected to lead the morning “Oli”.

Here is a short video of him leading the classes:


After the morning Oli was done, the parents watched a slide show of pictures from the events that the kids had been doing.

The parents then were treated to four performances in the schools cafeteria.

And here is the clip of the second grade performance:


For those that don’t know… my son was fortunate enough to be one of forty kindergartners to get selected go to this school a couple years ago after almost a year of testing and application procedures.  Normally the summer school programs are set aside for students that aren’t accepted into KSBE on a regular basis so I feel very fortunate that he’s getting summer school provided for him as well!

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  1. Hayden looks so confident and practiced. I am so proud of him! Gramma Su

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