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Opala in Paradise Members Take on Kapoho Dump Site

Eric Young hauls off a bag of rubbish as "Buddy" finds a way to recycle a slippah. (Photo courtesy of Starsha Young)

Today, some members of the Opala in Paradise group, tackled an illegal dump site that was located on “Red Road” in Kapoho.

Opala in Paradise

A few of us gathered at the spot on Red Road known as “Four Corners” to meet up and figure out exactly where the illegal dump site was.

Hunter Bishop, Kevin Dayton and I get read to tackle some garbage in Kapoho

Starsha Young had already located the site that we were going to take on and it consisted of lots of bags of illegal dumped garbage bags and a huge pile of construction material.

Ed Miner of Kolohe Auto Repair backs his truck up so we can load another load

Altogether five truckloads of garbage and construction material removed and Ed Miner went out on his own and picked up a couch that had been sitting off of the Pohoiki Rd. for sometime.

Yeah we blocked the road for a few minutes to pose for pictures.... lol

We didn’t find anything real disgusting like we found during our last clean up and I managed to make it through without gagging this time.

This rubbish didn't even stink this time!

This is what it kind of looked like after we started in.

Starting in on the Opala. (Courtesy of Starsha Young)

The site looked 100% better when we left the area nearly two hours later.

After the clean-up

The next Opala in Paradise clean up will be a short Fireworks clean-up of the Pohoiki area the day after the 4th of July.

2 Responses

  1. I will try to remember the dark grey paint and cover the graffiti in that spot too this weekend too!

  2. Thank God for people like you all over the Island, State, and world that are cleaning up everyone else’s messes. I would if I could, but unfortunately I’m disabled. So thank you very much!

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