Volcano House Concession Requirements Not Met – National Park Service Re-Soliciting Bids

Media Release:

The National Park Service (NPS) will be re-soliciting the Volcano House concession prospectus because the proposals received did not meet critical requirements for the concession contract. All proposals received in response to this solicitation were considered non-responsive and/or not qualified. Cindy Orlando, Superintendent at Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park states that “the Director of the NPS must, by law, reject proposals where the concessioner is not qualified or the proposal is non-responsive to the requirements of the Volcano House Prospectus”.

The NPS issued the Prospectus for the Volcano House operation on December 10, 2009, requesting proposals for visitor services that included: overnight accommodations, food, beverage, retail, campground and related services. Due to several amendments, the closing date was extended to September 1, 2010. All proposals were reviewed by the NPS Pacific West Regional Office in Oakland Calif. and subsequently sent to the Director of NPS in Washington D.C. for final review and action.

Currently, the NPS is in the process of revising and finalizing a prospectus for re-solicitation in July 2011which will include a timeline for new proposals. This opportunity will be posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website, www.fbo.gov, as well as the NPS Commercial Services website, www.concessions.nps.gov.

For further information contact Walt Poole at 808-985-6027 or walt_poole@nps.gov

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