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Governor Neil Abercrombie – “Our Public Employees”

Media Release:
Over the past few years, government employees have been making large sacrifices to help the state through difficult fiscal times.  We must never forget that public employees are our neighbors, friends, and family members.  Public employees are a cornerstone of Hawai’i, contributing our share of taxes and keeping our economy and communities thriving.
Government employees provide valuable services that have real impacts on people and businesses.  That is why I have consistently opposed furloughs and periodic shutdowns of classrooms and government offices.  Furloughs cost the public and public employees loss of critical services, productivity and morale.
In working with public employees, I have confidence that our plans will lead to an economic recovery in Hawai’i. However, we are still living in challenging fiscal times, and with the start of the new fiscal year on July 1, we must implement the state budget as passed by the State Legislature.
It is important to remember that the state budget reflects a 5 percent temporary pay reduction and 50/50 split on health care premiums and those cost reductions are to be distributed throughout all state agencies.
This budget reflects the goal of shared sacrifice that we laid out in the very beginning of our administration. While some believe this is not enough and others feel it is too much, I believe these targets are a reasonable basis that recognizes the value of your work while living within our means.
In our continuing dialogue, we remain committed to our employees, working with the public unions, and steadfast in facing our challenges together. We look forward to the start of the new fiscal year as we continue to build economic momentum, improve state government, and invest in Hawai’i’s future.

Imua Hawaii!

One Response

  1. I think the governor has some nerve professing how important our public employees are, all the while treating them like a slug under his shoe. What a hypocrite!

    This governor has embarrassed the state by asking for resignations from dozens of board members who who are already on the job and in the middle of their terms. Why? Politics as usual — only it’s not so usual. No governor in the history of the state has done this. Neil, in all his power-hungry audacity has taken it upon himself to crown himself emperor. You cannot get any more pilau.

    And what was his motivation? His “New Day” plan? What a shibai. It’s obvious to most Hawai‘i residents that the governor is pissed that public appointees are calling him out on his stupid, childish “dissing” of the NFL. Who in their right mind thinks civil unions will bring more money to the state in one weekend then the Pro Bowl. Neil does. He is completely out of his gourd. And he thinks he can silence the critics by asking them to quit?

    And so we have the issue of the HSTA. Throw all your opinions and political leanings out the window and focus on what is the law. The law does NOT allow the governor to circumvent collective bargaining — which is what he has done by unilaterally implementing his “last, best, and final offer.” Mr. Abercrombie will now have to explain himself before the Hawaii Labor Relations Board. Again, he has set himself up to be a national embarassment.

    The sad thing is, Hawai‘i is not one of the 18 states that allow a governor to be recalled. We are stuck with this buffoon for the next 3 1/2 years.

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