Historic Hula Photos – Pre 1940

Check out this video of these early pictures of Hula dancers.  If anyone recognizes anyone please let me know.


The title on youtube read like this:

Al Bowlly – Pagan Serenade – Ray Noble (1931) Vintage Hawaiian Hula Girls Hawaii Ukulele…0B-1314-1 Pagan Serenade HMV B-6055 Recorded in London, August 14, 1931 Al Bowlly – Pagan Serenade – Ray Noble New Mayfair Dance Orchestra (1931) Vintage Hawaiian Hula Girls Hawaii

3 Responses

  1. well, at 3;03, that is Clara Bow. EVERYone knows who she is. caaaMON now. And of course many of them were not hula dancers. Most were street C-town dakine… models. They posed AS hula dancers for the benefit of the PR/commercial cameraman. And of course many were creations that had no existence outside the graphic artist’s mind. Damon. you don’t need to be told this. Do you? aaah c’mon, man.

  2. Curious as to why you want to know.. many are tourist dressed as hula dancers, others are from hollywood and were done for promotions. but the rest,??? why???

    • Because I’m married to a local lady and my son could be related to some of these folks. For many folks folks in Hawaii… they have not had a chance to see pictures of their relatives from this long ago. I have already had one person thank me for posting this and is related to someone in this and they had never seen this before.

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