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Big Island Police Seeking Man in Need of Medical Assistance

Media Release:

Big Island Police are looking for Randall Chong, male 46, has been reporting missing.

Randall Chong

Randall Chong

He left home in Wainaku on 6-28-11 in the morning hours and has not returned. Chong takes medication and is in the need of medical assistance. He is 5’6″, 220#, black hair, brown eyes. If located contact Police.

Governor Abercrombie Signs Proclamation Presented to the Kealakehe Robotics Team

Governor Abercrombie signs Proclamation Presented to the Kealakehe Robotics Team to commend “their determination, ingenuity, and commitment to excellence in science, engineering, and mathematics”

Click to enlarge

Historic Hula Photos – Pre 1940

Check out this video of these early pictures of Hula dancers.  If anyone recognizes anyone please let me know.


The title on youtube read like this:

Al Bowlly – Pagan Serenade – Ray Noble (1931) Vintage Hawaiian Hula Girls Hawaii Ukulele…0B-1314-1 Pagan Serenade HMV B-6055 Recorded in London, August 14, 1931 Al Bowlly – Pagan Serenade – Ray Noble New Mayfair Dance Orchestra (1931) Vintage Hawaiian Hula Girls Hawaii

Wordless Wednesday – Nuritamburia Chlorocalla?

Nuritamburia Choloracalla?

Nuritamburia chlorocalla

Nuritamburia chlorocalla?


Kona Coffee Festival Captures Prestigious Visitor Industry Marketing Award

Media Release:

The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival is a proud recipient of this year’s Kona Kohala Chamber of Commerce Visitor Industry Marketing Award presented to the Festival at the Chamber’s recent annual membership meeting.

L to R: Norman Sakata, Governor Abercrombie, Miss Aloha Hawaii, Mel Morimoto

L to R: Norman Sakata, Governor Abercrombie, Miss Aloha Hawaii, Mel Morimoto

Since 1979, the Kona Kohala Chamber of Commerce has recognized leaders in West Hawaii through this award for their dedication and hard work in the community. The Pualu Awards (literally meaning to work together) recognizes recipients for their outstanding commitment to the community.

The Visitor Industry Marketing Award acknowledged the grass roots Kona Coffee Cultural Festival organization for its efforts to preserve, perpetuate and promote Kona’s unique 180+year coffee heritage.

“The Festival is quite honored to accept this generous award. Each year, The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival celebrates our community and the pioneers who laid the foundation for the successful Kona coffee industry we have today. We want to thank everyone including visitors to our island home for supporting the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival for more than forty years, ” stated Norman Sakata, President, Kona Coffee Cultural Festival.

The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival promotes ag-tourism annually during the November shoulder season with the intention that visitors and residents discover and experience Kona coffee and the unique history, heritage and lifestyle. Each year the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival hosts over forty special events during its 10-day schedule from farm tours, coffee workshops to picking contests, visitors and residents have every opportunity to participate.

Stratus Media Group Announces Upcoming ProElite MMA Event in Hawaii

Media Release:

ProElite, Inc, today announces its next step in mixed martial arts (MMA) with a fight in Oahu, Hawaii on Saturday, August 27th.

The chosen venue is the Neal S. Blaisdell Arena in Waikiki, the world-famous beach resort destination, marking the third time ProElite will bring its MMA event to the Arena.

The August event is ProElite’s first under the new ownership of Stratus Media Group Inc. Stratus Media Group recently closed the acquisition of 95% of ProElite.

Jay Thompson

“The timing could not be better!” said Jay Thompson, Vice President of ProElite Fight Operations. “MMA continues to see solid growth and has achieved mainstream acceptance across all visual media platforms in the last few years. It still has plenty of time to mature in the sporting arena.”

Fighter signings and match-ups for the August 27th Blaisdell Arena card will be released soon.

The Most Distant Quasar Ever Discovered

From ESO-Cast and the European Southern Observatory. Astronomers have discovered the most distant quasar found to date. This brilliant beacon, powered by a black hole with a mass two billion times that of the Sun, is by far the brightest object yet discovered in the early Universe.


Quasars are extremely bright, distant galaxies thought to be powered by supermassive black holes at their centers. These powerful beacons may help astronomers to probe the era when the first stars and galaxies were forming.

The quasar that has just been found is seen as it was only 770 million years after the Big Bang, at redshift 7.1. It took 12.9 billion years for its light to reach us.

Although more distant objects have been confirmed, such as a gamma-ray burst at redshift 8.2, and a galaxy at redshift 8.6, the newly discovered quasar is hundreds of times brighter than these. Among any other object bright enough to be studied in detail, this is the most distant by a large margin.

The next most-distant quasar is seen as it was 870 million years after the Big Bang (redshift 6.4). Similar objects further away cannot be found in visible-light surveys because their light, stretched by the expansion of the Universe, falls mostly in the infrared part of the spectrum by the time it gets to Earth. The European UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS) which uses the UK’s dedicated infrared telescope in Hawaii was designed to solve this problem. The team of astronomers hunted through millions of objects in this database to find those that could be the long-sought distant quasars, and eventually struck gold.

It took astronomers five years to find this quasar. Its distance was determined from observations made with ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) and instruments on the Gemini North Telescope. Because the object is comparatively bright it is possible to take a spectrum of it (which involves splitting the light from the object into its component colors). This technique allowed the astronomers to find out quite a lot about the quasar.

These observations showed that the mass of the black hole at the center of the quasar is about two billion times that of the Sun. This very high mass is hard to explain so early on after the Big Bang. Current theories for the growth of supermassive black holes predict a slow build-up in mass as the compact object pulls in matter from its surroundings.