Governor Neil Abercrombie to Sign SB1520 (The Native Hawaiian Recognition Act) Into Law

Senator Gilbert Kahele just posted the following on Facebook:

Senator Gilbert Kahele

Senator Gilber Kahele

Gov. Abercrombie is scheduled to sign SB1520 (The Native Hawaiian Recognition Act) into law July 6th 2:15PM.

Senate Bill 1520 reads:

Establishes a five-member Native Hawaiian roll commission in the office of Hawaiian affairs for administrative purposes to prepare and maintain a roll of qualified Native Hawaiians; requires the commission to publish the roll to facilitate commencement of a convention for the purpose of organization; requires the governor to dissolve the commission after publication of the roll; requires the office of Hawaiian affairs to fund expenses of the Native Hawaiian roll commission; requires a report to the governor and legislature prior to the regular session of 2012.

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