Tonga Ministry of Foreign Affars: “Hawaiian Visa Scheme is a Scam”

Don’t shoot the messenger here folks… just passing on some information found online:

Tonga’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Immigration Division has issued a warning to travelers to the United States that visas issued by a group known as the “Kingdom of Hawaii” are not valid, and cannot be used for entry to the United States.

This is a copy of the Scam 'Hawaiian Visa' from the 'Hawaiian Kingdom'

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Immigration Division (MFAID) has received information that Tongan nationals have spent monies for a visa issued by what has become known as the ‘Hawaiiian Kingdom’,” says the Release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Monies collected by the ‘Kingdom of Hawaii’ for the issue of these visas may be part of a fraudulent scheme…”

More Here: Hawaiian Visa Scheme is a Scam

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  1. Aloha Damon,

    My name is Kai Landow and I am the Vice-Consul for the Hawaiian Embassy in New York. This story is the result of fears on the part of the US government that when Hawaiians exercise their rights to issue visas to our nation [And NOT to a foreign country like the US] we will expose their occupation. We do not scam people and if someone in Tonga is misleading people he needs to be prosecuted.

  2. please post everything. not just excerpts. where is the rest of it??

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