Kailua Kona’s Controversial Issue of Development at Kohanaiki Also Known as Pinetrees

On the Big Island of Hawaii, Kailua Kona’s controversial issue of Development at Kohanaiki also known as Pinetrees, a local surf spot, has heated up once again.


Part II – a more in depth look on the development plans for Kona Hawaii’s Kohanaiki local surf spot Pinetrees. For more information you can visit, www.kohanaiki.org


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  1. Good to see Kohanaiki still for local families. A paved road and hundreds of houses won’t change much??? Seems like the developers are more talk than “good faith”. Look at those godawful berms!
    thanks to Rebecca and Kohanaiki Ohana for staying on top of it. but good luck trying to get developers to tell the truth and not change the rules whenever they feel like it. Kinda lucky the economy is like it is. at least the rape of Hawaii has slowed down a little.

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