Big Island Bus Fare Increase Fails to Pass Hawaii County Council

Media Release:

Bill 51 – The $1.00 bus fare increase, failed to pass the County Council by a vote of 4/4 on its Second and Final Reading.

Hawaii Counties New Double Decker Bus

Hawaii Counties New Double Decker Bus

Councilmember Smart, due to constituent input and their concerns, voted against the rate increase. However, while there was mention of the kukua zones expiring at the end of this fiscal year, at no point in any discussions, including council chambers, the media, and community meetings, was it stated that the bus fares would revert to fares existing prior to the kukua zones. The debate has been revolving around charging the $1 fare or maintaining the current free system. The rates in existence prior to the kukua zones essentially charge Ka’u residents approximately $5.00 one-way to get into Hilo or Kona. This information was brought to Ms. Smart’s attention after the vote. Due to this new clarification, we have submitted a request to reconsider Bill 51.

Per Rules of Procedure and Organization of the Council of the County of Hawai‘i, Rule #15-2, “any Council Member voting with the majority may move for a reconsideration of the vote on the motion at the same meeting or at the next regular meeting. However, any Council Member who wishes to ask for a motion to reconsider at the next meeting must notify the Council or Committee Chairperson and County Clerk in writing of their intention to make such a motion within five (5) working days after the disposition of the motion to be reconsidered.” Should this request be approved we anticipate Bill 51 being reconsidered at the June 1, 2011 County Council meeting for the second and final reading.

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