Transit Operations Manager Tom Brown to Discuss Hele-On Bus System and Other Issues

Media Release:

The District 6 Matters meetings for May will host Transit Operations Administrator Tom Brown who will be available to discuss the Hele-On Bus System and other issues pertaining to mass transit on Hawai‘i Island.

Tom Brown, Mayor Kenoi and Senator Inouye

Tom Brown, Mayor Kenoi and Senator Inouye

Direct questions and comments are welcome from attendees on any subject dealing with Hawai’i County Mass Transit Agency services and issues.

Please see the schedule below to find a meeting at a location nearest you:
May 11, 7:00 PM – Ocean View Community Center
May 19, 7:00 PM – Volcano Cooper Center
May 25, 6:30 PM – Yano Hall, S. Kona
May 26, 7:00 PM – Fern Acres Community Center

3 Responses

  1. Where are the minutes ,maps , routes published when Hawaian acres was not included.

  2. Aloha kakou,
    Why hasn’t this administration and Mass Transit Agency honored committments made to work for bus service along the corridor through Ainaloa and Hawaiian Acres? My wife Julie and then I worked successfully with Senator Inouye to get more funding for Hele On for over ten years. Each year the Senator understood the issues better and the rest of the County Council started to grasp the relationship between affordable public transportation and the financial well being of the people of Hawaii. Millions of dollars came to our county from federal funds.

    I was willing to let Mass Transit service the most critical needs first and then get to the rest of upper Puna . Unfortunately the dream of accessible communities and good public transportaion was limited to areas outside the subdivisions of upper Puna. Mass transit and the last two mayoral administrations have turned a deaf ear to our needs despite generous funding from Senator Inouye and the rest of our Washington delegation.

    Puna has grown almost 50% in the last ten years. Hawaiian Acres has grown nearly 60% in that time. Still, there is no service for the 2,700 residents of Hawaiian Acres and the 2,965 residents of Ainaloa or adjoiing areas of Orchidland.
    Bob Jacobson
    PS: Why is Hilo the only airport in the state without bus service?

    • Bob –

      From rumors that I have heard… Taxi companies have pressed hard to keep the buses from the airports.

      Like I said… that’s just a rumor that I have heard.

      Our bus system is spread thin compared to the other islands… it would be nice to have an option to get to the airport w/out the high cost incurred.

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