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Osama Bin Laden… Dead and Shot in the Head

Osama Bin Laden

Rest in Hell Osama

Any minute now, President Barack Obama is going to address the nation and the world, reportedly about a national security issue of vital importance that does not have anything to do witih Libya. Former Donald Rumsfeld staffer Keith Urbahn has Tweeted “I’m told by a reputable person they have killed Osama Bin Laden,” and other than that I haven’t heard any good intel. Let the speculation and insta-reaction begin!


May Day is Lei Day – KSBE Hawaii’s May Day Ceremony

In Hawaii, May 1st is called May Day.  It’s also the day that many schools around Hawaii celebrate the Monarchy of Hawaii in celebrations known as May Day Celebration.

On Friday, Kamehameha Schools Hawaii campus had their annual May Day Celebration.

KSBE May Day Celebration

I made a huge mistake and forgot to change the settings on my camera to PC settings so I can’t load all the pictures up here.

KSBE May Day Celebration

My son is becoming a mirror of me and starting to ham it up for pictures!

KSBE May Day Celebration

Each class from grades Kindergarten to 5th grade put on a performance.

KSBE May Day Celebration

Even some of the members of the High School football team made their presence!

KSBE May Day Celebration

As a parent… I appreciate the hard work of the leadership team of the KSBE campuses!

KSBE May Day Celebration