A Perfect Getaway… Hawaii Film Tax Incentive (House Bill 1551)


Hawaii Film Incentive

Hawaii Film Incentive

House Bill 1551:

  • Establishes an assignable infrastructure tax credit of:
    • – 25% in counties with population over 700,000
    • – 40% in counties with population under 700,000
    • – $25mm cap
  • Provides for an increase to the income tax credit for qualified productions to:
    • – 35% for population over 700,000
    • – 40% for population under 700,000
    • – Remove tax credit caps
    • – Make assignable
    • – Provide an additional 5% bonus for special and visual effects and animation
  • Provides the State with a fee equal to ½ of 1 percent of the production spend for the administration, monitoring, auditing and certification of the tax credit with a cap of $75,000
  • Allows for purchases and rentals not available in Hawaii to qualify for the tax credit if obtained through a resident production services company

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