The Corpse Flower Blooms on the Big Island of Hawaii

The Hawaii Tribune has reported that the Corpse Flower at the zoo has begun to bloom:

The bizarre corpse plant, on loan to Hilo’s Panaewa Rainforest Zoo, has started to bloom, zoo Director Pam Mizuno said Saturday afternoon.

Corpse Flower

Corpse Flower (Image from Wikipedia)

Wikipedia has this to say about the strange plant:

Due to its odor, which is reminiscent of the smell of a decomposing mammal,the titan arum is also known as a carrion flower, the “Corpse flower”, or “Corpse plant” (Indonesian: bunga bangkai – bunga means flower, while bangkai means corpse or cadaver; for the same reason, the same title is also attributed to Rafflesia which, like the titan arum, also grows in the rainforests of Sumatra).

There are other Corpse Flowers throughout the world and another one is blooming right now in Basel, Switzerland.  It’s the first time in 75 years that it has bloomed in Switzerland.

Here is a time lapsed video of it blooming:


Easter Bunny Karma – Happy Easter

Whoever thought of the idea of having a “Bunny” delivering eggs to kids for Easter must have been on some weird kind of psychedelic drug.

This video goes to all the kids and parents that were at one time scared of the Easter Bunny.


Happy Easter!