WTF!!! Can Someone Tell Me What “Hawaii” Beach This Is?

Holy crap!  Check out this dude jumping down this cliff.  The caption underneath it just reads:

Hawaii beach, he runs and jumps too long


I can’t recognize what language the person filming is speaking and I don’t recognize the beach… but holy crap this jump is amazing!

3 Responses

  1. I think he is speaking Spanish and sounds like he is Argentinian (cannot hear too well because of the wind) however the beach is definately in Brazil. It seems that is Jericoacoara, Ceara, Brazil. This place is awesome!

  2. The vid looks decidedly un-Hawai’i. A rather large dune, uncommon here, no mountains to be seen in the pan. The boat at the bottom of the dune look like traditional construction of a type not used here. One topless gal in the crowd, uncommon here.

    Not Hawai’i.

  3. Awesome tumble, but no way that’s Hawaii…

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