Another Highway 130 Wreck Just Happened at the Kahakai Intersection

Well we just had another ugly Highway 130 wreck.

Kahakai and Highway 130

Kahakai and Highway 130

A few minutes ago, Devany Vickery-Davison facebooked me the following message:

Bad accident in your hood, 130 @ Burger King.

So I since I live real close… I went to check it out and I came across this wreck at the corner of Highway 130 and Kahakai Boulevard.

Kahakai and Highway 130

Kahakai and Highway 130

This one looked pretty serious and had at least two cars involved that I could see.

Kahakai and Highway 130

Kahakai and Highway 130

6 Responses

  1. What’s the deal…with all these accidents happening in the same area…the city or county doesn’t recognize that there is a problem and maybe they should do something about it…their the ones building these dam roads, so therefore I feel that they are responsible for fixing this problem…

  2. It also appeared that neither car had airbags. And the driver of the silver car was still in the car, indicating injury that they did not want to move him till the ambulance got there.

  3. The front of the white car was completely smashed like an accordion and the person was being attended to when I sent the note to Damon. The passenger side of the silver car was also smashed in, that must have been where the impact was.

  4. Damon-You can’t resist getting the scoops-you have a nose for the news!

  5. Both cars are upright, largely intact, and not ablaze. It doesn’t look so bad to me…

    The backboard is worrying, though. How many were transported by EMS?

    • I’m not sure… It did look like there were at least two injured folks. The cars were pretty smashed up. I only drove by and didn’t get a chance to get a better picture or angle of the shot.

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