Maui Police Rough Up MauiTime Publisher Over Dog The Bounty Hunter Incident

Tommy Russo, the publisher of the MauiTime, has stated that he was assaulted by the Maui Police Department while he was trying to film Dog the Bounty Hunter in action on a public street.

Dog the Bounty Hunter

The MauiTimes Challenges the Dog to Release Footage of the incident

On the evening of April 12, I was assaulted by a member of reality star Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman‘s security team. Soon after, I was assaulted again, and had my First Amendment rights violated, by a member of the Maui Police Department

You can see video of the incident here:

Russo has also now challenged “Dog the Bounty Hunter” to release his footage of the incident:

I challenge Dog and his crew to release their video footage of the events.

Bottom line: because I attempted the completely legal act of recording on public property I was shoved, hit, had my property taken and was prevented from accessing emergency services. Once “help” arrived, I was further assaulted and had my Constitutional rights violated.

You can view the full article here: MauiTime Publisher Tommy Russo Assaulted by MPD.

I still don’t understand why police don’t think we can photograph them in public?

Big Island Tsunami Relief – Community Meeting Announced

Media Release:

Brenda Ford Council District 7 and Brittany Smart Council District 6 will co-host a community meeting to provide information from the Small Business Administration (Olivia Humilde), Habitat for Humanity West Hawai‘i (Patrick Hurney), and the Hawai‘i State Civil Defense on the possibilities for financial or other assistance for damage or destruction created by the recent tsunami event of March 11-12, 2011 in West Hawai‘i.  The meeting will be held Monday, April 18th at 6 p.m. at Yano Hall in Captain Cook.

Councilwomen Brittany Smart and Brenda Ford (Background)

Councilwomen Brittany Smart and Brenda Ford (Background) at the 2010 Hawaii County Innauguration

The recent announcement by President Barack Obama regarding a Declaration of Disaster for the State of Hawai‘i allows  federal assistance only to repair county-owned and state-owned infrastructure damaged in the recent tsunami event.  Such infrastructure includes: roads, bridges, public buildings, and harbors, sewers, and water systems, etc.

However, there may be some assistance for homeowners, renters, and business owners through the Small Business Administration (SBA) which encourages everyone who sustained damage to their homes, businesses, rental property, and contents of their buildings to contact the SBA for applications.  SBA may be able to help in all areas of concern.

Habitat for Humanity (Patrick Hurney) will be able to explain their programs to empower families with home ownership and to increase their financial assets.  Additionally, some families whose houses were destroyed by the tsunami and who meet Habitat for Humanity requirements may be able to qualify to have a Habitat for Humanity house built as a replacement.

Please come to the meeting with your questions regarding financial and other assistance for your recovery from the tsunami.

Police Release Results of Community Satisfaction Survey

Media Release:

Police Chief Harry Kubojiri and his top commanders have completed their analysis of individual comments from members of the public who participated in the Hawai’i Police Department’s Community Satisfaction Survey during December 2010.

The public may view the most common concerns from the public and the chief’s responses by going to the Police Department’s website at and clicking on “Community Satisfaction Survey.”

Chief Kubojiri said the survey and follow-up analysis were tools to assist him in

  • identifying problem areas the community is experiencing with the Police Department
  • determining if he can rectify those issues through specific training of Police Department personnel
  • making changes to policies and procedures if necessary
  • clarifying misinformation about laws and/or police practices.

“Your input has been a key component in helping us in our quest to achieve the Police Department’s core value of Community Satisfaction,” Kubojiri said. “We thank you again for your participation in our survey and for helping us improve our services to the community.”

In addition to addressing the community’s concerns expressed in the survey, the Police Department will continue to hold monthly public meetings around the island to hear and respond to issues raised by the public.

For members of the public who participated in the Community Satisfaction Survey but didn’t see their concerns among the Frequently Asked Questions, the chief encourages them to raise their concerns at one of the public meetings or by using the “Feedback” link on the Police Department’s website.

Big Island Marathon Director Attacked By Pitbull… “Big Dog” Gets Taken Out

Wayne “Big Dog” Joseph, who is the Director of the Big Island Marathon and has always been a strong advocate of folks running for a healthier lifestyle  got attacked by a Pit Bull yesterday on one of his daily runs!

Wayne posted:

Wayne Joseph

Wayne "Big Dog" Joseph

…I’ve had an ongoing problem with such a person over the past few years who believes that, and I quote, “my dog has as much right as you to be on the street and if you don’t like it find someplace else to run.”

I’m partially at fault because I did not notify the Humane Society the 10 to 12 times that the dog came running after me, barking and growling.

Everything came to a breaking point on Thursday, April 14, when Tasha, the name of the pit bull mix, decided to escalate our relationship by taking a bite – leaving three prominent puncture wounds just above my right ankle…

You can read more about his misfortune here: Runner attacked by dog in Hawaii Paradise Park

I’ve always told folks that when you walk or run around most parts of these islands… Its always good to carry what I call a “WHACK-STICK” or in another words… a stick that can knock a dog out if need be!

I hope Mr. Joseph is feeling better soon as I know how it feels to be limping around for a few days!