New Big Island Ziplines Under Construction

The new ziplines being built by KapohoKine Adventures at the Honoli’i Mountain Outpost are currently under construction in the Honoli’i area of the Big Island.

Zipline Platform

A Zipline Platform

It will be open after its finish being built, “…Testing and fine-tuning will take some time, and we will keep everyone posted as to the schedule for opening the course to tours.”

Zipline Waterfall

A waterfall at the new zipline course operated by KapohoKine Adventures

Permits back from the County means platforms can finally be mounted on the poles!  Things are moving along now as the hardware container arrived with our galvanized wire rope, pre-assembled platforms, and other necessary pieces.  Views from the platforms are simply stunning, with three gorgeous volcanoes…

…We had a great meeting with the Paukaa community and we look forward to continuing to build relationships with Paukaa and other communities around us.  Feedback on the project was positive…

You can view the entire post and see more pictures here – Zipline Update: Platforms and Permits

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