Effing Centipede Bit Me Last Night!

*Note* Sorry for the disgusting pictures… but just documenting another event in my life”

So last night I’m sound asleep and I get awoken to this sharp piercing pain in my right foot and at first I thought I had cut off the blood to my foot and thought it had just fallen asleep… but after taking a closer look, I noticed a couple bite marks!

Despite the fact that I’ve never been bitten by a centipede… I knew exactly that is what had happened!  My foot instantly felt paralyzed and the throbbing pain was just unbearable.

I didn’t know if the swelling was going to keep going up my leg or what so I woke my wife up and asked her to take me to the local Fire Department at about midnight.  The closest emergency room is nearly 45 minutes away from where I live.

The firemen confirmed that it was a centipede bite, one even mentioned that he had been bitten over 20 times and they told me the only way to really treat a centipede bite is to wash the wound and apply cold presses and heat presses to the area of the bite wound.

Well I did that all night… and my foot is still swollen as of this moment and I can’t put any pressure on my foot at all.  I will keep a close eye on it and make sure that it doesn’t get infected.

Gee... Big Foot?

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  1. Been bitten more times that I care to remember. What works for me to keep the venom from spreading and also with the pain and swolling is “Ammonia” any kind will do but the purer the better,like the cleaning kind works pretty good.just put some on a small towel or anything handy and cover the bite site.for more relief trow the Ammonia bottle in the freezer right next to the Vodka.

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