Pigs Caught On Tape

I finally caught the pig(s) on tape!

So this pig has been digging up parts of the outside of my backyard…


and now he’s going after the fence and has almost completely burrowed completely under the fence.  The fence itself is almost completely out of the ground.


And the worst part… is there is many more to come!


Just practicing posting with my iPhone in general.

The Hawaiian Perspectives on Geothermal Energy Discussion Was Today

The Pahoa Community Center was filled today with some of the more well known names in the Hawaiian Community this morning as a discussion on “Hawaiian Perspectives on Geothermal Energy” took place.

The who's who of Puna packed into the Pahoa Community Center this morning.

The Pule (Opening Prayer) was given by former 5th District Councilwoman Emily Naeole.

Kale Gumapac and Emily Naeole

The Sponsors of the event were:

  • Kealoha Estate – Kuulei Cooper
  • OHA Trustee – Bob Lindsey
  • Innovations Development Group – Robbie Cabral
  • Indigenous Consultant – Mililani B. Trask
  • Aha Kanaka Moku o Keawe – Kale Gumapac

Patricia Brandt introduces the sponsors of the event

Patricia Brandt opened the panel by asking the following: “…But our question is – What has happened in the twenty years since then… what has benefited this community…?



Geothermal resources belong to the native Hawaiian and the public.  Under State law, these resources are “minerals” and are an assets of the ceded land trust.  Private development of our trust resources has already pushed the cost up 487.5% (it cost 8 cents per kilowatt hour for geothermal electricity but HELCO/PGV costs incresase charges to 39 cents for the consumer)  How can our energy resources be developed in a community-based way that is culturally appropriate, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable and clean?

Senator Hanohano and Mililani Trask touch basis before the discussion begin

Among the speakers and panelist were:

  • Mililani B. Trask who’s message was stressed with “Lets not repeat past mistakes”.
  • Kumu Hula Cy Bridges – “How do we balance traditional practice with modern trust obligations and community energy needs”
  • Kuulei Cooper – “Why geothermal development can  should support community projects like the Puna Community Park, an effort that has been ongoing for 28 years.
  • OHA Trustee Bob Lindsey – Benefits (reventues) that come to Hawaiians & OHA from geothermal Royalties, protections for Wao Kele o Puna Forest.
  • Kale Gumapac – “Why Hawaiians should be informed in and involved in development of their trust asstes, the need for Hawaiian development options, what are “community benefits?”

Mililani B. Trask opened up the discussion with a bit of an introduction about who the folks involved in the project are:


I wish I could have stayed for the entire meeting but I had prior commitments.

University of Hawaii Football Spring Scrimmage and Drills on the Big Island of Hawaii

The University of Hawaii Football team had a practice and intra-squad  scrimmage today at the Kamehameha Schools-Hawai’i’s campus in Kea’au, Hawai’i.


Mayor Kenoi and UH Head Coach Greg McMackin

“We want to thank Mayor Kenoi and his administration, as well as Bob Wagner, who served as a UH coach for 20-plus years, and Kamehameha Schools for making this event a reality,” Jim Donovan, UH athletics director, said.

Jim Donovan addresses the crowd as Mayor Kenoi likes what he’s hearing

“We’ve always received a tremendous amount of support from the people of the Big Island and this event is meant to show an appreciation to them.

UH Quarterback Bryant Moniz stretches out

I was thankful that I showed up just in time for Mayor Kenoi to invite me on to the field with him where I was able to take all these great shots of the players up and close.

The practice had drills for both the offense

Quarterbacks working on timing patterns

Drills for the defense

Working on firing off the line when the ball is snapped

And even a bit of special teams.

Can’t leave out the Special Teams!

Hilo’s own Hogan Rosehill, who graduated from Kamehameha on the Big Island, had a lot of his family in attendance…

Hogan Rosehill family and fans

Despite Rosehill  having some difficulties with his helmet…

Hogan Rosehill gives his helmet to the trainer for some adjustments

I’m sure he was happy to be back on his old High School turf Kamehameha Schools on the Big Island.

Rosehill waits patiently for his helmet

After the drills the teams broke off into green and white teams and participated in a full contact scrimmage!


Inter-squad scrimmage

Following the scrimmage, the players and the coaching staff were kind enough to sign autographs for the kids, unfortunately my son has a bit of a cold right now so I couldn’t bring him :(

I’m not sure what the official score ended up being or if they even kept score

It was a great day for those who came to KSBE on the Big Island and to paraphrase Mayor Kenoi, we don’t have any professional sports here in Hawaii so the UH Football team is as close as we get to it!

Former UH Wide Receiver and NFL Pro Ashlie Lelie was in attendance

Current Big Island natives on the spring roster include Levi Legay (Kealakehe HS), Jordan Loeffler (Hilo HS), Elmer Lim III (Kamuela, Hawai’i; Kamehameha Schools-Kapalama), Hogan Rosehill (Kamehameha Schools-Hawai’i) and Kana Silva (Kamehameha Schools-Hawai’i).

Feel free to click on the pictures below for larger images.