*Second Update* Reports Coming in that Missing Canadian Woman Rhonda Beaulieu is Safe

Yesterday I posted the police media release about the missing woman from Canada Rhonda Beaulieu who went missing in Kona.

Reports are starting to come in that she may be safe.

A Canadian radio station Q99FM tweeted the following a few moments ago and I will assume that GP stands for Grand Prairie:

Q99News Q99Newsroom
GP Woman safe in Hawaii. #gpab #yqu
I can’t confirm that she is safe and she has not posted to her facebook page since she went missing, however one of her friends on friends list posted this about an hour ago:
hey woman!! you put a good scare into alot of people…yes you are dearly loved!!!!im hope your o.k sweetie!!!
The local police department has not posted any updates that she has been found yet on their media release page and if and when they do… I will post it.
*Update* This comment was just left on the previous post:
I spoke to Don her boyfriend yesterday and he told me she was okay and at the room. I tried calling him today and left a message. Hopefully he can get back to me what is the number to the hotel room? Has anyone spoke to Zach?

*Second Update*

The Edmonton Journal has reported that:

She was reported missing after she was last seen on Saturday at the Coconut Grove Marketplace in Kailua-Kona, police said. She has since left a voice message at her hotel room, but police spokeswoman Chris Loos said the case is open until police physically locate her.

Beaulieu’s family in Grande Prairie said they’ve heard from her boyfriend that she was found safe and is set to return home Tuesday night as scheduled.

*April 6th Update* SHE HAS BEEN FOUND

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  1. erase these blogs by noon today b.c. time or i will be speaking to authorities!!

    • LOL… Your mother wouldn’t even speak to the authorities to report what she reported on here.

      I think it would be very appropriate for your family to speaking to the authorities at this time.

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