This Ain’t No F#@%! Luau… Garden Island Renegades Defeat the Paradise Roller Girls of the Big Island

Tonight was the second roller derby held at the Hilo Civic this year featuring the Paradise Roller Girls of the Big Island taking on the Garden Island Renegades from Kauai.

The derby began at 6:00 but they opened the doors at 4:00 and people were tailgating as early as 2:00!

Tonight’s derby featured a super fan costume at half-time.

Not even Darth Vader could take down the eventual winner of the contest who was a young girl that flipped across the floor doing back flips!

The “Superfan #11”

The girls from Kauai were a very tough team that came to the Big Island with the goal of winning one on the home teams turf.

But our Paradise Roller Girls represented us well considering they haven’t been organized as long as the Kauai team.

The civic was once again sold out and they had to make several announcements to tell people to get of the fire lanes!

Tonights match up seemed to have more of a heated feeling towards it as the two teams are actually from different islands so it created the natural rivalry.

There seemed to be a lot of penalties called tonight as folks were constantly getting sent to the penalty box.

These girls really work hard to put on an excellent match and there are injuries that occur!

The action got heated in the second half as the Paradise Roller Girls pulled within 10 points of the visiting Renegades.

The visiting team defeated the Big Island girls by a score of 101 – 131  but the real winners are everyone on the Big Island that have a new “thing” to do every so often and I can’t wait for their next bout… just make sure you come early as the parking lot was packed!

I found it interesting that the Kauai’s coach here in red was more drenched in sweat then most of his players! :roll:

*UPDATE* Now that I think about it… I think these Senior Citizens should have been voted as “Superfans”!

Click on the pictures below for a larger view:

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