Umm… Waitress… There is a Worm in My Meal!

Well I’m not trying to harm this restaurant in any way… and I’ve actually really enjoyed their food up until tonight’s incident… I just thought I would say what happened.

My family ordered take-out food from Kaleo’s restaurant in Pahoa tonight.  I ordered the prime rib special, my wife ordered the lobster pasta special and my son ordered kalbi.

Everything was going along just fine until my wife noticed something in her carton!

Look Closely!

Upon closer review… it was a worm in her food container!

A worm!!!

My wife was completely disgusted and so was I.   You never know what type of diseases these worms can carry!

I took the food back to Kaleo’s since I live just around the corner from the place and showed the worm to the waitress that served me and thankfully they offered me a full refund on my meal.

The damage has been done… my mind is disgusted and I’m sure my wife is even more disgusted.

Kaleo’s… won’t be going there again!

5 Responses

  1. 2 more years under Obama and you will eat worms with relish!

  2. eeek! Yes, I know that’s a pretty shocking thing to find in one’s food, and I’ve had similar surprises when I’ve had meals at places that try to serve a lot of organic produce. It grosses me out, but then I have to think, what will gross me out worse — the odd bug which you always have to wash off fresh produce, or mysterious pesticides/chemicals?

  3. Even in the finist restaurants things get by the cooks. It could have come in on a head of lettuce that was rinsed well but still clung to. I am just as disgusted by a worm in my food but wouldn’t stop going to the place because of it. Most everyone deserves a second chance…

  4. That is a compost worm. I sell them by the pound.

  5. EWWWWWWW that is just soooooo gross………

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