Big Island Beekeepers Association Plans Expo to Tackle Small Hive Beetles

Media Release:

The Small Hive Beetle (SHB) may be tiny but it has wreaked havoc in Hawaii.

Federal agricultural experts currently in Hawaii are finding the insect attacking bee colonies here in quantities hundreds of times greater than they’ve seen elsewhere. To help beekeepers save Hawaii’s bees from decimation by the SHB, the Big Island Beekeepers Association will conduct a free SHB Trap and Equipment Expo on Tuesday, March 15 in Hilo.

Members of the Big Island Beekeepers Association remove a hive from my house!

“The Expo is one part of the BIBA plan to encourage beekeepers to plan for recovery,” BIBA President Cary Dizon said. “2010 was a terrible year. To recover, we must bring our SHB problem under control.” She said the use of SHB traps seems to be the best option for eliminating the pests. “Many beekeepers are working on ingenious solutions.”

Dizon is asking beekeepers to bring samples of their traps or other devices with which they have had success in eliminating the beetles to the expo and to share their experiences with other beekeepers there. Dizon asked for those who must leave their traps or equipment in place to bring pictures or diagrams to aid the communal effort to get control of the Big Island’s SHB infestation. She added the SHB is now a primary bee problem in Hawaii while it is a secondary bee problem in the rest of the U.S.

All beekeepers, hobbyists and commercial as well as those wanting to get started in beekeeping, are invited to the expo which will be held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. March 15 at the Komohana Agricultural Research and Extension Service Building, 875 Komohana St. in Hilo. In addition to sharing tactics for getting the SHB under control, the expo will provide the opportunity for beekeepers to network and partner up for bulk purchase of beekeeping equipment. Participants may also bring other new beekeeping equipment to demonstrate or sell at the expo.

The formation of a “Survivor Queen Exchange Group” is another goal of the gathering of beekeepers at the SHB expo.

For more information, contact Dizon at 966-7421.

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  1. I realize that some remedies are not expedient for commercial beekeepers due to the expense and logistics. I’m a backyard beekeeper, so am working at this from a different situation so bear with me.

    I lost four hives last week and it TOOK a week to clean up the mess with a power washer and bleach. My one remaining hive has a queen, a new hive and frames, and is starting over in JULY for goodness sake. Recently they discovered the small hive beetle on yet another Hawaiian island. BUT people are working on solutions and inventions to contain the problem. I ordered some predatory nematodes for the soil under my hive area, and dusted with the varroa mite remedy powdered sugar, which angers the bees to chase beetles also. Some of my other solutions, born of observation of what was left:

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