Zipline Update: Dispatch from the Outpost

KapohoKine Adventures stated this in their latest newsletter:

“…The first permit issued by the County was for the pavilion at the waterfall, and we started work as soon as we had that permit in hand.  We also had a set back from the County, and began to lay out the entire zip line course with that set back off the conservation zone in mind.  Several State and County entities have been to our site in the last several weeks to make sure that there has been no bulldozing or construction in the conservation area.  Work is completed on that first pavilion, and is wrapping up on the other shelters and structures for which we subsequently received permits from the County…”

More Here: Zipline Update: Dispatch from the Outpost.

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  1. What elevation is your project at? most new koa planted below 2 to 3 thousand foot elevation get destroyed by a beetle boring insect. Do you have
    a variety that can survive this? I planted 500 koa trees about 20 years and lost almost all. :(


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