Mayor Kenoi Orders Paper Towels and Hand Soap to be Installed at Pahoa Community Center

Tonight Mayor Billy Kenoi had a community meeting with his cabinet staff at the Pahoa Community Center.

Mayor Kenoi points to the numbers

He began the meeting by introducing his staff:


He talked about the budget that he recently released and most of the people in  the audience praised his work on it considering what he had to work with.

Senator Hanohano and Councilman Fred Blas were in attendance along with Puna District Redistricting representative Rene Siracusa

When the question and answer period came around, Mayor Kenoi did his best to field the answers with a “Can Do” attitude and it really showed when put on the spot by Rene Siracusa about why the Pahoa Community Center has gone more then 6 years with out paper towels or soap in the bathrooms.

Senator Hanohano talks with Rene Siracusa

The Mayor turned to the Pahoa Parks and Recreation Director and asked if that was true… and to the Mayor’s surprise it was true.

So on the spot… the Mayor asked that the Community Center is given paper towels and soap and it was agreed that they would be put into place beginning tomorrow!

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