Man Wanted By the Courts Found in the Hawaii Tribune Obituaries… Someone Failed!

This just cracks me up and I’m sorry for the family involved but it’s just too funny not to blog about.

In yesterday’s Hawaii Tribune Herald, February 27, 2011, on the inside of the front page ran the following obituary:

See below for circled close-up

Here is what is circled in red:

Obituary for John Fairlie Penku Sr., 50 of Mountain View

Now you go to the back page and you see the following in the Big Island Report:

I recognize this name

And a closer look and we see:

Failure to Appear

So let me do the work for the Hawaii Police Department.  You can quit looking for the dude… you aren’t going to find him!

(Thanks to Craig Watanabe for the heads up on this)

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  1. Damon,

    Not to condone shoddy work but HTH does not post the “honor roll” in a timely manner. It may be days/weeks before the info. is actually published.

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