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KapohoKine Partners With Honoli’i Mountain Outpost… Zipline Adventures to Begin Again Soon

Well as many of the readers of this blog know I was let down recently when KapohoKine ended there partnership with Umauma Ziplines… I’m stoked to hear that KapohoKine will again be offering Zipline tours soon at a new location near Honoli’i.

The following was posted today:

So, it’s official!

Our new zip line partner is Honolii Mountain Outpost.  Our old zip partners at Big Island Zipline Adventures couldn’t reach a reasonable agreement with the owners at the zip course they operated and were subsequently shut out in December.  Big Island Zipline Adventures was shuttered, and we and our guests were left without a zip line.

We started looking around and found a new location at the gorgeous Honolii Mountain Outpost.  We’ve partnered up with them and are preparing to bring back our Zipline Through Paradise, safer and better than ever!  The new course will have a bunch of cool features and surprises that we’ll be able to tell you about in the coming months as we get more information from Honolii Mountain Outpost.  The property boasts amazing views of Mauna Kea summit and the Pacific Ocean with native koa forest and current agriculture projects thrown in for good measure.  It sits on the lower flanks of Mauna Kea between 900′ and 1700′ in elevation.  For now, here are some pictures from the property, which is 564 acres just outside of Hilo:

Click here to view more pictures and see the actual release that was published today.

22 Responses

  1. The comments are out of sinc. Nonetheless, so you are not a reporter, I stand corrected. Then It appears your “online diary” comments are on the side of greedy, yes, greedy development of a pristine watercourse by commercial tours. You’ve not researched your conviction. You are wrong.
    By the way, from someone who has worshiped at this waterfall for over 20 years the major polution is from pigs rooting, or dying in the river flood, not herd animals. The upriver environment has no animals other than pigs. Downriver cesspools along the distance to Hilo Bay have been there for generations. We don’t need more cesspools draining into Honoli’i Stream. Wrong again.
    “Developer” is true. “Greedy” is an adjective that can be applied when someone flaunts regulations, defies the community, and exploits the environment for personal gain. Apparently you like to blog about your support for such activity. Careful! It may come back to bite you too!

  2. Developer, maybe not, but then construction has occurred in a conservation zone without a permit. Greedy? Well maybe there is another explanation for why this would be done without any consideration for the environment or the neighborhood. Inconsiderate doesn’t seem to go far enough.

    • Do you folks realize that eco-tourism is a good thing for the island?

      You folks sound like a bunch of NIMBY’s that are afraid of something that isn’t gonna happen.

      • Perhaps a definition of eco tourism is needed. I’m sure it has something to do with taking into consideration the entire enviroment, the natural environment and the neighborhood. The situation, which could have been a win win, if there had been consultation with those who live in the vacinity and some mitigations to noise and traffic put in place. The ploughing forward without a any process which includes these considerations is 19th century manifest destiny thinking.

    • Without a permit? Prove it.

  3. Aloha all,

    First, understand that I am not opposed to zipline and other low impact tours.

    Unfortunately, this operation has raised the ire of local residents in it’s flagrant disregard for Hawai’i State Conservation Zone law.

    An operation like this requires an EA/EIS. By law, any impact on a conservation zone automatically triggers that requirement. Period.

    It is, in fact, ecologists and conservationists, the very folk who love to travel on tours like this, that rallied for and passed these laws.

    This operation will have to conducts an EA/EIS to operate. If they are not in violation of state environmental law, they have nothing to worry about.

    For the record, many other eco-tourism operations are now being reviewed. This is because careless tourists are impacting fragile coral reefs and tide pools, fish populations [shark chumming adventures], and so on.

    There is a graceful way to enjoy this ‘aina. We welcome any sensitive gentle approach to this sport.

    Trails blazed through conservation land and rumoured plans for toilets for over 100 visitors a day are not gentle. What if a storm destroys those toilets and dumps the contents into Honoli’i river, sending it down to surfers at the beach? Really now. How much fun is that?

    Disrespecting long-term local residents who cannot abide helicopters shaking their belongings off the shelves and strangers zipping by their bedrooms is not considerate.

    It can be.

    So, Damon, advocate that. Small operations, easy going. Check with neighbors before charging in. Build agreement, don’t start a fight. No -one here wants to disrupt your fun. KK must not disrupt our tranquillity. In all fairness, yes?


    • Are you serious??? Your worried about toilets? Do you know how polluted that river is to begin with?

      Every time it rains do you know how much cow manure and horse manure is floating down that river to the surfers at Honoli’i?

      I’m glad they are planning toilets. I bet folks would be shitting their pants riding those things other wise! :roll:

  4. It has many names, has been going on for centuries, is well known in these Hawaiian
    islands, and you don’t have to say anything
    that you wouldn’t like to. Just check into it yourself, find the facts, you’re a “reporter.”

    • I’m not a reporter :roll:

      I’m a person that has a blog and allows people to look at my online diary of events and things I want to write about!

  5. Yes, this area of Honoli’i they are invading is a
    Limited Subzone of the State Conservation District. Profit or non-profit tours and other nature based outdoor recreational activities are not among the allowed uses of that Subzone. KK has defied County and State regulations by bringing helicopter and van tours into a major watercourse of Hilo Bay.
    They are generating a wake of karma that will eventually overtake their operation. The Pauk’a, Wainaku and Kaiwiki Community Associations are combining efforts to inform the larger community of the Hamakua Coast. Our Representative and State Senator each have a file on this case. Ziplines will be regulated, and public hearings will be held even for Agricultural Zone lands because the traffic affects every kind of neighborhood. The State will not have another “Sacred Falls Accident” to pay for.
    These greedy developers will build as fast as they can, in defiance of community good will as well as regulations that as in place to prevent such exploitation. Learn the truth. Do not support this kind of exploitation of our ‘aina.

    • I would hardly say that KapohoKine is a “Greedy Developer”.

    • What a hypocrite…you have been trespassing on this property and leading “guided tours” FOR PROFIT for many, many years. And, now that you’re exposed, you have removed the page from your website where you offered the tours. I wonder what other ILLEGAL things you are up to…

      Oh, and by the way, how’s that karma work for the tens of millions $$$ in greedy, yes greedy, real estate sales you and your wife participated in?

      To quote you: “Greedy” is an adjective that can be applied when someone flaunts regulations, defies the community, and exploits the environment for personal gain.” Let’s see…professional real estate agents that flaunt regulations…hmmm….”Careful! It may come back to bite you too!”

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