KapohoKine Partners With Honoli’i Mountain Outpost… Zipline Adventures to Begin Again Soon

Well as many of the readers of this blog know I was let down recently when KapohoKine ended there partnership with Umauma Ziplines… I’m stoked to hear that KapohoKine will again be offering Zipline tours soon at a new location near Honoli’i.

The following was posted today:

So, it’s official!

Our new zip line partner is Honolii Mountain Outpost.  Our old zip partners at Big Island Zipline Adventures couldn’t reach a reasonable agreement with the owners at the zip course they operated and were subsequently shut out in December.  Big Island Zipline Adventures was shuttered, and we and our guests were left without a zip line.

We started looking around and found a new location at the gorgeous Honolii Mountain Outpost.  We’ve partnered up with them and are preparing to bring back our Zipline Through Paradise, safer and better than ever!  The new course will have a bunch of cool features and surprises that we’ll be able to tell you about in the coming months as we get more information from Honolii Mountain Outpost.  The property boasts amazing views of Mauna Kea summit and the Pacific Ocean with native koa forest and current agriculture projects thrown in for good measure.  It sits on the lower flanks of Mauna Kea between 900′ and 1700′ in elevation.  For now, here are some pictures from the property, which is 564 acres just outside of Hilo:

Click here to view more pictures and see the actual release that was published today.

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  1. Interesting discussion… I would however suggest taking a step back and considering the facts before simply “befriending” a company you know little about.

    Any person of importance (i.e. big time BI blogger) talking to a business owner will be told “their side of the story”, which really means nothing… businesses like this LIVE AND DIE by making the people, who make them money or enable them to make money, like them… they will make you feel like their best friend… like you are on the good side!!! Don’t be deceived so easily… check the facts!

    If you knew the half of what really transpired prior to this development even being on the table you would not be so quick to snap back. The story doesn’t start here (i.e. HMO zip), it starts well before, and its not all peaches and cream.

    I’m not trying to tear anyone down, just encouraging each one to formulate a position on the bigger picture and facts involved.

  2. Devany and others, please do not accept KapohoKine’s statements as true. They are not.

    I live in the area, less than two miles from the site. I have been here for 11 years, and I know what is going on over there.

    The claim that the airfield has been in continuous use is false, and the lie is documented from several sources, notably people who leased the land in question for years and swear no aircraft landed while they held the lease.

    Cease-and-desist orders were filed, and KaphoKine ignored them and kept on bulldozing in the conservation zone down to the stream. Their assertion that all they did was improve an existing trail is false, and there are affidavits to prove it.

    A zip line in a conservation zone is not an acceptable use.

    KapohoKine is emphatically not an ecofriendly company! They are scofflaws and ecovandals, and this operation should be closed down.

    • Dan,

      I live in Paukaa/Honolii. I care about what is being done on land up river. I care about what is done all over this island for that matter, but I have a personal interest in this case, maybe not as personal as you do, as I live a little more than 2 miles from the property.

      I went to the KKA office today and saw all of the permits, letters of consent and hundreds of invoices and letters from pilots who have been landing on the air strip since 1967. And there is a letter (which I also have a copy of) from the President of Paradise Helicopters who has been personally using this airstrip for over 30 years, most recently doing Land surveys, Environmental Studies as well as in conjunction with HPD; Operation Green Harvest. He also transported equipment and labor for Koa Timber Inc.

      Much of this has been made public record already, such as their permits. I also saw and have a copy of the DNLR approval to remove strawberry guava and make a path down to the river. I walked that path today and let me tell you it would be impossible for them to have bulldozed it, it is only 3-4′ wide in most places and quite steep.

      I also saw the complete recorded plot map showing that only the area from the top of the pali over the river, down to the river is Conservation Land. All else (99.9% of the almost 600 acres) is AG LAND, perfectly acceptable (and legal use) for a zip line and for Eco Tourism. A zip line is quite non-invasive, it only requires a few towers and the existing road, all which are on Ag Land. Most of the zip line traffic will entail one to two vans a day driving in on the access easement. The helicopters only come in 2-3 times a week (during the winter cruise season) bringing 6 passengers who are then driven off of the property after a picnic lunch. They fly entirely over forest reserve to land and take off from the property. All of this is done on a very remote patch of almost 600 acres which is not adjacent to any residential property.

      And so it is my conclusion that the liars in this story are those who make claims like 100 people a day will be using the facility or that helicopters are flying in and landing there many times a day (some people even claimed at night, which is illegal for helicopter flights.)

      The people at KapohoKine really just want to be good neighbors and they are willing to allow people like Mr. Miller who has been trespassing for 20 years to have legal use of the land. They will invite the neighbors to come on the Zip tours. And by the way, if there was no existing path down to the pool at the falls, how did Mr. Miller get down there to *worship* and lead his own tours then?

      As I said before, I would be glad to facilitate an off line conversation between all parties so this can be straighted out and everyone can be both friends and neighbors. There has been far too much innuendo and accusing going on. It is unfair to a company that gives back so much to this island. Just as it is unfair for the neighbors to be fed such slanderous untruths. I am willing to hear what you have to say and I am sure KKA is too. It would be a shame to have to pay lawyers to take care of all of this mess.

      It is time for a little Aloha and some true facts.

      • Aloha Dear Devany, I see you are compassionate, but you do not know the whole history. The file you mentioned is under consideration, both side have provided information, you saw only one point of view. Eventually a determination will be made.
        Just as there are two sides to this situation, there are two sides to the riverbank. Our property is on the south side. Local neighbors showed me 20 years ago the route they’d been taking down to collect ‘opae. Not a 4 foot wide switchback trail like the one you saw, but a pig trail with waiawi to hang onto as you climb down about 200 feet. I have explored the riverbed from where they plan to build a road beside the decommissioned landing strip and up past our Mother Falls to where the stream has two sources, and have gone up each as far as possible. Due to the massive watershed it collects from, the water has carved into bedrock, and there are only three spots where one can actually drop down onto the riverbed and not be 15 feet above with no way down. The existing trail on the north side has served a rain gauging station for decades, it allows one to access the top of Mother Falls, and is on the property above this one leased by KK. No other access. “Trespassing” is if the property is posted. Collecting, and accessing for pleasure, has traditionally been allowed by KSBE within their boundries, in support of the people.
        Thank you for offering to facilitate. Why didn’t KK come to our neighborhood to offer that kind of support when they began? Your comment snaps of judgement, as tho’ only you have “true facts.”
        When they will be installing towers and stringing cable next week, I’d like to invite you here to wave at the folks in the chopper. They will be hovering at eye level about 200 feet above the riverbed.

        • “…Trespassing” is if the property is posted….”

          Micah apparently you don’t understand the law.


          • Mahalo Damon. Good point. I am Celtic and Native American, a pantheist. I worship nature.
            You are enlightening me. I have a right to go worship where I have gone for 20 years, right before that waterfall. It has named itself to me. I asked permission from the mo’o to enter the water, my A’makua prompted a blessing to flow from my lips to fall upon the place. Has KK asked for a blessing to be performed by a local Hawaiian?
            Many local families make the trek upriver to collect ‘opae for graduation and wedding parties. Those activities are religious as well. All will be happy to know that we are allowed to enjoy our collecting and worshiping activities, under the law you kindly posted.
            Thank you as well for this opportunity to post comments on your blog. You snap a little, but we send you love. It’s all light, just information, adapt and change, have some humor, we are all in this as one whole, I am accepting and grateful for any lesson. Appreciate your having an open discussion available to those interested.

        • Micah, I have to agree, it would have been great if they would have set up some kind of community meeting before any of this happened. And I think they still would like to do something like that. They truly do want to be good neighbors. They are really concerned that there is so much false information out there. I believe it would really benefit everyone involved if there was some genuine understanding on both sides.Please e-mail me with your ideas about how we could make this happen. My email is PineapplePrincess@hawaii.rr.com.

          Without getting into too many details, I did see the property plot plan (which should actually be public record through the county) and their property is on both sides of the river with the border being on the south side of the south Gorge. The conservation area is only from the pali of both sides of the river and down into the river bed. The entire rest of the property is in an AG Zone. I can provide you with the TMK # if you would like to take a look at it.

          Also, the gauging station is on the KKA property and Ms. Prekaski has granted permission for the gauging station to be accessed each year.

          I do not believe that the towers and cable are going in yet (I cannot say that for sure. though) and from where I saw the poles for the towers yesterday, they are over pasture land for the most part, not the river.

          While KSBE may or may not allow use of their land for private pleasure, they do not allow it for tours and once anyone stepped into the river at the South Gorge property line or anywhere else on the KKA property, they would be trespassing on private land.

  3. A.D. Gary & Michah,

    I live in Honolii/Paukaa. I also am fully aware of what Kapoho Kine is doing and where they are doing it. The zip lines are deeply into the forest, the property where this is located is over 600 acres. This is also an area that has a legal air field that has been used for many years (and it is documented.)

    Rumors spread quickly and I for one would like to prevent them from getting out of control. There have been many exaggerated complaints already. People need to learn the facts instead of lambasting a company that has great respect for the ‘aina and the people of Hawaii Island.

    If the one or two helicopters coming in and out of this 600 acre property a couple of days a week is really knocking things off of shelves or causing any damage, I am sure that could be substantiated and dealt with. The numbers of people going on the zip lines is also exaggerated. Permits and Land Board approval have been made. We should get together and discuss this further off line so we can have a real discussion instead of throwing accusations and mis-truths around. Please feel free to contact me at any time. It is my neighborhood too.

    Do any of the three of you live in the area concerned? D.T., it sounds as if you might.

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